Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scientology's Music Video

This is hopefully my last post about the wack-job that is LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) and the crew of Scientology. It's gonna be hard because they look so spiffy in their little seagoing outfits I just can resist searching them out on the Net. But folks, all you have to do is start looking and sooner or later, like I have come to experience, you will finally sit back and have to laugh out loud at the endeavors of the human race to find connection in their lives to a spiritual presence. They will do anything. They will lie, they will cheat, they will steal, they will kill... and they will do it all believing they are doing it for the benefit of you and me. I got my own. Thanks anyway.

...and thanks to Pink Munky and Dir. Karl-Rainer Blumenthal for making this great video "What's the matter with you, Hat?"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Bridge

As a fav blogger of mine says: "Look, I drink..."

Such is the case when I get good and tight and start looking into things I find interesting on the old web. Scientology is one of those subjects that holds a fascination with me since I read most of the sci-fi books in high school when I had no idea about the wack-job that was L. Ron Hubbard. This film is systematically being wiped out of the WWW by Scientologists because of their "fair game" policies toward any kind of criticism. It's a very good low-budget film that puts the issues into more perspective. Do some research and spend a whole night like I did (good and tight) looking up dirt on Scientology and then huddled in a corner rocking back and forth, it's fun. Hail Xenu!

Monday, April 23, 2007


I just got cast for the Theater Schmeater ongoing Late-night shows of "The Twilight Zone"!!!!! And the crazy part is that I will be appearing as THE Rod Serling! Boo-yaaa Baby!! For something crazier... here's a clip of the man himself.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Little Red Studio

I just got finished with helping a good friend choreograph a piece for "The Little Red Studio" here in Seattle. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Funniest F@$kin Thing On the 'Tube

Thanks to Drago for showing me this and causing me stomach pains for laughing so hard.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Speaking of Games . . . the coolest 2d ever not made.

Why is it that this artist (Paul Robertson) just puts a smile on my face? I'm reminded of the psychotic glee I get from watching Akira.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Why is everyone smoking "Crack(down)"?

I know no one reads this blog and it's really just practice for me composing thoughts, but if you are one of the random few to stumble across this post then it's time to narrow the field further by talking about video games. ...whoa, you stayed! Well then, if you're in the next gen worlds (and I hate that term by the way), then you've seen all the posts singing the praise on high of the new 360 game "Crackdown." Besides great voice-over work by your disembodied supervisor, this game is bleh. B.L.E.H. I saw it. I rented it. I played it. I beat it and returned it in 2 days. 2 DAYS!! O.K. so I didn't unlock all the vehicle configs but who frickin cares, one of the largest and only criticisms I've read is the driving gameplay. (Which perspective is way too close to the road, by the way).
One of the things that I've come to believe is that only the best stories have the best villains and that is also one of the problems with this game. The villains are all just outlines of what they could be developed into, not to mention there are no cut scenes, major voice-overs, or really dynamic, problem-solving levels to complete.
Hey, I'm all into jumping and jumping and jumping ....and jumping around as the main gameplay of a game (The jump from the top of the base towers was pretty cool, I admit) but once again, bleh.

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